TomTom Productions

Hamish Roberge
Managing Director
67 Industrial Place

We Push Boundaries.

Based out of Queenstown, New Zealand, TomTom delivers exceptional lighting, sound and multimedia experiences. We create experiences that redefine an audience's perception of what is possible.

To put it simply, ‘we build worlds’ and if you’ve ever been in one of them, you’ll notice that the passion and professionalism that goes into creating a wholly immersive environment – where every sight and sound can be refined and reshaped into something new, different and bold.

Having crafted our skills in the rock show arena, where everything has to be millimetre and decibel perfect, we now bring a big, bold and in control mindset to events, concerts, conferences and installations across Queenstown and Central Otago.
Our work combines artistic inspiration and audio-visual innovation. Sure, designing cohesive, creative worlds requires thinking outside the box. But you also need a realistic, can-do approach to placing the box (and projecting onto it). Our technical background and imaginative acumen delivers the goods.

We take pride in being one of Queenstown’s leading creative suppliers, sourcing the best production equipment from industry leading manufactures, who are known for reliability & innovation. Our inventory is specifically curated for our uniquely Queenstown spaces. We don’t dry hire, but create robust production system packages which are design flexible and reliable.

We cover all your bases from concept to curtain call. If your brief is ‘well, what do you think would work?’ we’ll take it and run with it. If you already have a design ready to go, we can deliver it. Should you need services we don’t offer, such as catering or photographers, just ask and we’ll point you in the right direction.

TomTom Productions 
TomTom Productions 
TomTom Productions 
TomTom Productions