BEIA Approved PCOs

(Business Events Industry Aotearoa Approved Professional Conference Organiser)
BEIA Approved PCOs are qualified to handle the most complicated of domestic and international association conferences on your behalf. They have all signed “Minimum Service Levels” and “Code of Ethics” documents and undergo an annual compliance review to confirm that they comply fully with the  BEIA “Approved” requirements.

Why should you use a BEIA Approved PCO?
Whether you are a: client, venue, accommodation supplier, service provider, convention bureau or government department, why should you only work with a BEIA Approved PCO?

It's simple really - peace of mind!

Choosing a BEIA Approved PCO to run your conference or undertake reporting means you are engaging with a professional who brings with them a proven set of high quality skills and experience.

Only a BEIA Approved PCO can offer you this peace of mind because they are the conference professional you can trust. Why? Because to become a BEIA Approved PCO, members must on an annual basis meet certain criteria prescribed by  BEIA. This ensures that the PCO has the necessary systems, skill set and experience required to run a wide range of events.  The criteria requirements are rigorous and demanding and designed so that only those who meet the criteria can attain the right to call themselves BEIA Approved PCOs.  The BEIA criteria is inspected and tested, to ensure that the PCO's work and systems are of a high standard.  Not only are BEIA Approved PCOs required to meet the strict criteria, they are bound by a Code of Ethics, Rules and Responsibilities as determined by BEIA.

Outside the strict criteria set by BEIA, all BEIA Approved PCOs must also have a proof of compliance in tax reporting, secure financial systems, health and safety, carry Public Liability Insurance and have legal and accounting teams as part of their business structure ... further reinforcing that a BEIA Approved PCO really does give you peace of mind.

BEIA Approved PCO ... the professional you use when you can't afford an amateur.

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The following forms are for those who wish to apply to join the BEIA Approved PCO Group. Please complete the forms and send to BEIA, PO Box 331202, Takapuna, Auckland 0740 or alternatively email to:

BEIA Approved PCO Group Code of Ethics, Rules & Responsibilities

BEIA Approved PCO Group Minimum Service Levels

BEIA Approved PCO Group Application Form